The Brighton Seagulls were founded in December 1965 by Bruce Hartley and John May.

In 1966 they entered four teams into the St George Junior League with Peter Hamlin as the clubs President. That year the Under 11s won the competition losing only one game for the season.

The clubs first International player was Brad MacKay, graded in 1987 after a total of nine seasons with the club.

Some of our former players who have played first grade are Jason Stevens, Geoff Hardy, Bart Williams, Brad MacKay, Kurt Landers, Garry Jenkins, Randall Barge, Brad Perry, Greg Totten, Steve Funnell, Darren Brown, David Nui, Scott Freestone, Bill Noke, Scott Thompson and Terry Sands.


Club Constitution

Club Constitution

Read about our club's constitution below.


Club President 2021

Bruce Hartley

Club President

Bruce Hartley and John May founded the club in 1965 with the Seagulls entering the St George competition in 1966.

Bruce was re-elected Club President for 2021.

Club Secretary 2021

Josh Miles

Club Secretary

Josh Miles was re-elected Club Secretary for 2021.


Committee 2021

Committee Members 2021

Treasurer: Sarah Post

Vice Presidents: Adrian Bourke, James Brickwood, Andrew Ditchburn, Francesca Elnaugh, Jamie Gauci, Renee Hart, Chris Kotevski, Kayleen Lenzo, Peter Mougios &  Stephen Seymour.

Public Officer: Kevin Stainer


Hall of Fame

Commenced his junior days with the Seagulls as a member of the outstanding Under 14 Team that was coached by Harry Eden in 1987. The team was to win 3 Premierships in succession. He was graded in 1991 as an 18 year old with St George. He later transferred to the Sharks where his career blossomed to eventually represent his country.

Details of his career:
231 first grade games, St George and Cronulla
8 games for NSW
18 game for Australia.

Like Brad MacKay, Jason always makes himself available whenever the Club makes a request for help with any event.

Geoff was a member of our Under 11 team way back in 1966, the Club's first ever Premiership team. He played close to 150 games up till he was graded with St George and appeared to be on the brink of a promising career when he decided to pursue other interests.

Geoff later returned to the Club as a coach and parent when son James joined as a player. He went on also to serve on Committees. When the Club decided to improve its canteen facilities at Scarborough Park Geoff provided his professional expertise to plan and manage the works.

Brad MacKay as all are aware was always a special talent. He played all his junior football with Brighton Seagulls living only a stone throw from Scarborough Park. Playing over 150 games for the club and the graded with the Dragons in 1978. He reached the pinnacle in the code playing for his Country.

Details of his career:
248 First Grade Games for Australian & English Clubs
17 Games for NSW
12 Games for Australia

Brad has remained loyal to his junior Club and unselfishly gives his time whenever we request his time for club promotions.

Ryan played almost 200 games for Brighton Seagulls only transferring to another Club when we failed to field a team in his age group. Ryan returned to start his coaching period with us in 2001 then left to go interstate for a year then came back to us in 2003.

Ryan has continued to coach and is currently in charge of son Baden's Under 11 team. Ryan has also served on Committees and was Senior Vice President in 2016.

Ken was a member of our Under 10 Team in the inaugural year of 1966. He went on to play over 200 games. He was the first player to reach 50, 100, 150 and subsequently 200 games with A Grade in 1978. Ken along the way assisted with junior teams as well as serving on committees. A very handy player in his day playing grade for St George.

Glen commenced his playing days with the Club in 1975 as part as a team that went on to play in a record number Grand Final matches for the Club. Glen in fact played in 19 Grand Finals that included the A Grade grand Final with Taren Point Seagulls Club in 1997. Glen also holds the record of matches played with Club of 322 games that has now become the yardstick for all players to aspire to.

Wayne played over 200 games for Brighton Seagulls. Over time he has served as a coach with Mini League aged teams and in 2011 coached the Club's A Grade.

Wayne is a member of that special breed of player in the Club who played together and has remained close knit to this very day. He remains very supportive of any event the Club stages. Wayne was graded with the Dragons in 1988 and his Under 23 Team that year was the first to play on the then new Sydney Football Stadium.

Life Members

  1. Bruce Hartley (1970)
  2. John May (1970)
  3. Bruce Greenstein (1971) #
  4. Ron Pearce (1978)
  5. Kevin Woodbridge (1978) #
  6. Keven Hayes (1980) #
  7. Steve Pugh (1982)
  8. Col Smithers (1984)
  9. Warren Thompson (1986)
  10. Chris Wallace (1986)
  11. Fred Cooper (1987)
  12. Margaret Blackman (1991)
  13. Glenn Wallace (1993)
  14. Wayne Wilson (1993)
  15. Brad Mackay (1994)
  16. Clayton Blackman (1995)
  17. Phil Blackman (1995)
  18. Lyn Pearce (1996)
  19. Jason Stevens (1997)
  20. Martin Evans (1997)
  21. Geoff Dickson (2000)
  22. Mitchell Sim (2001)
  23. Kevin Stainer (2001)
  24. Willy Cooper (2003)
  25. Sandra Hayward (2004)
  26. Adam Hume (2004)
  27. Jeff Fountain (2005)
  28. Darren Gulliver (2005)
  29. Gary McCallum (2006)
  30. Mick Rowe (2006)
  31. Neil Pugsley (2007)
  32. Rod Wilson (2007)
  33. Robert Burke (2008)
  34. Steve Vella (2009)
  35. Jason Sim (2009)
  36. Kerrie Stainer (2010)
  37. Debbie Henderson (2011)
  38. Sean Giles (2012)
  39. Cheyne Sim (2012)
  40. Ryan MacDonald (2014)
  41. Joe Sokkar (2014)
  42. James Brickwood (2017)